helping pregnant womanASafePassage is the platform to supporting women survivors of abuse through childbearing year. This site is dedicated to all those pregnant women who have suffered from abuse during their pregnancy days.

In this website we are going to provide you information and resources that help you understand the impact of abuse on pregnancy. This information will offer you a sense that you are not alone and there are some responsible and caring people who are ready to listen you and want to help you.

We support and help pregnant women by listening to their stories, providing information and offering them healing resources to recover from abuse as quick as possible.


stop women abuseWe have created A Safe Passage to provide a platform to pregnant women who want to share their stories, needs and feelings. This site contains resources and information that provide complete understanding about potential triggers of the childbearing years.

It is important for pregnant women to understand that abuse provide unique effort to their pregnancy, child and postpartum. This platform is created to help women to make them feel safe in sharing their stories and make them feel they are not alone. We also offers Birth Counseling services in safe and protected environment which is much more than just ears to listening stories.


The Birth Counseling service we offer is by those that are trained by our A Safe Passage advanced practitioner training program and they provide listening with information as well. With honest and research-based information you can find about triggers in safe and supportive environment.

This website is created for women who are looking for information about abuses histories and how it impact their childbearing years. It is important for women to understand they are not responsible for the abuse and help is now available.